Consigning your items has never been easier or more lucrative. Our team is here and ready to provide you with a hassle-free process that ends with money in your pocket. We accept a wide variety of new and gently used furniture, home decor, fine art, collectibles, antiques, rugs and jewelry, provided they are high quality, in good to excellent condition and fit within current design, decor and fashion trends. Unfortunately, we cannot accept items in poor or damaged condition, pieces which require extensive cleaning or costly repairs. We love our pets but cannot accept items which have pet stains or odors.


It’s easy and fast. Start by taking 2 to 3 photos of each piece using your iPhone, iPad, Android or digital camera. We ask for 2 to 3 photos per piece to provide our team with as much information as possible. This allows them to assess the scale as well as identify any distinguishing marks, brand signatures or other important details which may provide insight into the value of your piece. We ask that at least 1 photo capture the entire piece, preferably from the front with a slight right angle. The additional photos should include detail photos of any damage, distinguishing marks and characteristics such as wear, hardware details and overall condition. The more photos the better.


Please submit all photos as attachments to the body of an email which should include your name, contact phone number and a brief overview of each piece. We recommend you keep the descriptions short, highlighting only relevant information and include dimensions if necessary. Please let us know if your items are here in San Miguel de Allende or if you require assistance with shipping and freight recommendations. We can provide complimentary pick-up for local market pick-ups only, roughly within a  20 kilometer radius of Centro. Please submit your email to We can also accept photos and information via Facebook Messenger by visiting our Facebook page at La Finca Vintage & Modern.


We love to say yes; unfortunately, that’s not always the best solution for either one of us. Out team of talented specialists will evaluate each photo for the overall uniqueness, condition, demand and potential value. We will respond to each inquiry within 3 business days. Unfortunately, we will not recommend pricing until your piece arrives into our warehouse where our team will conduct a 9-point in-house evaluation. Our specialists always suggest fair market price for each piece, balancing value to both cosigners and customers.


Our contract is for 6 months, although it can be renewed upon expiration by mutual agreement. All renewed contracts are for an additional 6 months and typically require a 20% reduction from the original list price. Once an item has sold, LFV&M will collect a commission inclusive of IVA on the final selling price.The remaining balance is held in your account until a request for payment has been accepted. Other fees may apply. Please understand that these terms are not negotiable.


Let’s try to make this easy! We offer complimentary in-home pick-up service for each approved consignment request. This includes safe removal and care for your items from your home to our warehouse or showroom. We can only offer this service within the local San Miguel de Allende market but can recommend a third-party service provider who may be able to help with items outside our local market. Unfortunately, we cannot manage the process or incur costs associated with third-party pick-ups. If you prefer to deliver your items to our warehouse or showroom after approval, please schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to ensure that a team member is prepared and able to receive your items. If not, you run the risk of your delivery being refused.


Everyone loves a little extra money. Every item in our inventory is carefully monitored and tracked. Once an item sells, our system records a credit balance in your account. Credit balances can be used toward in-store purchases immediately or become payable via MXN bank check or MXN bank transfer after 7 days from the date of sale. We ask that you request a payment once you have a payable balance in your account. Unfortunately, we cannot notify you when an item sells, nor do we pre-schedule payments. Our qualified sales professionals are available to assist you with any available account reports, account balances or payment requests. Simply call or email us and we can get your request scheduled. In some situations, it may take up to 14 business days to process your payment.