The following cleaning program has been developed to ensure we are regularly cleaning and sanitizing all work spaces and public areas to prevent the spread and conditions of the COVID 19 contagion. This cleaning will be done in addition to our regular daily cleaning checklists.

Staff Work spaces – Staff will use cleaning supplies provided to clean personal work spaces at the beginning of each day and throughout the day as necessary.

Sales Desk and Cash Wrap – Sales staff will wipe down the cash wrap and sales desk every 2 hours or following high traffic periods. Cleaning should include counter surfaces, telephones, keypads, terminals, calculators, pens and pencils, computer mouse and pads. Pay attention to frequently used items.

Tape Measures – Sales staff is responsible for wiping each tape measure with a Clorox wipe as it is presented to the client. Please follow the same procedure when receiving a tape measure used by clients in the showroom. Return only clean and disinfected tape measures.

Restrooms – Assigned staff members will complete a daily deep clean of all restrooms in the building, including receiving area, guest restrooms and kitchen restroom. In addition, high touch surfaces including door handles, sink fixtures and light switches will be wiped with a Clorox wipe or equivalent every 2 hours on the even hours. (10, 12, 2 and 4).

Main Entrance – Assigned staff members will follow all posted protocols for receiving clients into the showroom including but not limited to temperature check, guest registry, hand sanitizing, shoe disinfectant, requesting the use of face masks and recommending the use of disposable gloves. Staff members are responsible to receive clients entering to the right of the sanitation station and exiting to the left. Parties are limited to 2 guests.

Consolidating Trash – Assigned staff members will collect all trash from receptacles throughout the facility including all restrooms, staff offices, common areas and sanitation stations. All trash should be consolidated to the kitchen for disposal to outdoor collection. Trash is collected on Saturdays by 3 PM. Assigned staff member is always required to wear a face mask, gloves and an apron during the collection and consolidation of trash. Please replace all liners.

Shipping and Receiving – Operations staff will rotate responsibility for cleaning, clearing and wiping down all high traffic surfaces every 2 hours throughout the day, focusing on the even hours of 10, 12, 2 and 4. Cleaning should include high touch surfaces, counter tops, lockers, door handles and light switches. Assigned staff members are also responsible for maintaining appropriate cleaning supplies and ensuring their dedicated sanitation station is adequately stocked.

Incoming and Outgoing Inventory – Operations staff will maintain a clean and clear work area to allow the comfortable inflow and outflow of inventory. All incoming and outgoing inventory should be sanitized using the recommended sanitizing methods for the various surfaces.

  • Hard Surfaces – wipe all hard surfaces including wood, metal and glass with approved Bactisel and water solution. Properly dispose of paper towels after each use.
  • Soft Surfaces – spray all soft surfaces including fabrics and clothe with approved Bactisel and water solution. Let dry before wrapping with plastic.

Delivery Truck – Operations staff will wipe down all high touch surface areas before and after each pick up and delivery. This includes the steering wheel, gear shift, radial knobs, door and window handles as well as seat belts. Please use a Clorox wipe or equivalent sanitation product and properly dispose of waste immediately. All soft surface seating areas should be sprayed with Bactisel and water solution before and after each service. Staff members are required to wear gloves while disinfecting all surfaces.

Deliveries and Pick Ups – Operations staff is required to maintain all posted protocols when conducting a service call which includes engaging with a client, entering a client’s home and receiving merchandise. Team members must always wear gloves, ensure their face mask is clean and secure, wear protective eye wear and always maintain adequate social distancing. In addition, it is required to maintain an inventory of Clorox wipes, hand sanitizing gel, Bactisel spray, gloves, and additional face masks in the vehicle at all times.

Kitchen and Lunchroom – Assigned staff members will complete a daily cleaning and disinfecting of all high touch surface areas including but not limited to counter tops, tables, appliances, cabinets, chair arms and sink. This will be in addition to posted cleaning schedules. Please dispose of all paper towels and other cleaning material properly.

Common Areas – Assigned staff members will wipe down all high touch, high traffic surface areas every 2 hours throughout the day focusing on the even hours of 10, 12, 2 and 4. This wipe down should include all door handles, light switches, hand rails and countertops.